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This community is for posting lost fanfiction. It is not an icon community, nor a discussion board. Fanfics only. You may, however, advertise any LOST or multifandom challenge community, but please pm weatheredlaw first to do so. Slash, gen, and het fics are all allowed. I know it's been written in here a million times already, but please note: this community is under new moderation. I have taken a lot of time to redo the tags and choose a nice looking layout. Please use the proper posting format and tags when posting your fanfiction. No one is going to kick you out if you don't, but I'll just give you a quick heads-up and ask you to change the tags or post properly in the future. Tags make it easy for readers to find stories and nicer looking posts make it easier to tell what it is you are about to read. Thank you!! -Catheryn


1. Please follow all of these rules. :D
2. Please use the community tags. It took a lot of time to redo them and retag several entries, so please make use of them. They make it easier on readers to find your fics. The tags are located here.
3. Please request a tag here if you do not see it on the main tag list.
4. When posting your fic, please use the following format or something similar:


5. You MUST include a rating and a warning if it is slash.
6. If you are posting to the actual community, ALWAYS use an lj-cut. If you do not know how, here is a guide on how to do so.
7. If you do not post using a proper format or use the tags, you will be advised to do so.
8. If you have your own fanfiction comm and want to affiliate, please PM weatheredlaw.